Dangerous booby traps set on Colorado Springs hiking and biking trails


Someone has been setting up booby traps with fishing line wrapped around trees in what appears to be an attempt to hurt mountain bikers on the Captain Jack’s and Sesame trails in North Cheyenne Cañon Park.

“I ride those trails almost every day, and it’s kind of frightening to know that somebody’s trying to do that,” Kyle Moore said.

This picture was posted to the Colorado Springs Mountain Biking Facebook group by Michael Denham, warning other riders of the potentially harmful traps. 

Some bikers we spoke with on the trail said they think it could be angry hikers who don’t want to share the trail.

“We’re out here enjoying this open space just as much as they are,” Casey Beatty said.

But one biker’s strategy is different,

“We’re going to let our friends go first, ha ha,” Grant Smith said.

“Knowing that somebody’s out sabotaging the trail, that’s pretty scary for me,” Kaile Viestra said.

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