(MONUMENT, Colo) — A video of an El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy showing off his dance moves at a Lewis-Palmer High School assembly went viral after the performance on Friday, Jan. 27. The officer tells the story behind the performance.

The video shows El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Wheat at first pretending to call off the dance, but all of a sudden starts breaking down the moves with the dancers, and the crowd goes wild.

People might have seen something similar in a viral video of a security guard joining the Tennessee Vol’s dance team, which is where the Lewis-Palmer Poms Dance Team got the idea from.

Working in law enforcement, Deputy Wheat has taken on some daunting scenarios, but nothing compared to a choreographed Lewis Palmer High School Poms dance routine.

“I was more nervous at that moment for the dance, than having ran on some of these critical events,” said Wheat. “I was trying not to pay attention to the crowd, like, I got moves to do!”

After a couple of in-person practices, the team sent Deputy Wheat home, with some videos to practice with.

“I wouldn’t call myself a dancer… I went to my basement, off the clock… and I literally ran it over and over and over again. Just try to get and make sure my timing was good because I did not want to mess up,” said Wheat.

It was the team’s idea to get him involved.

“Our captains really did an excellent job with the choreography, making it great for the team, but also figuring out how to incorporate Chad with it,” said Robyn Schemo, Poms dance team assistant coach.

“I was surprised he was so nervous because… He’s really good with the students in our school and pepping them up and getting them excited,” said Shannon Rising, Poms dance team head coach.

Deputy Wheat is the school’s resource officer and can normally be seen patrolling the halls of Lewis-Palmer High School, giving students high fives and fist bumps.

“I’ll talk to them by name, ask them how their lives are going… Just having a pulse on all of that allows me to just build that relationship and trust with them to come to talk to me when something’s starting to unfold that could become more problematic,” said Wheat.

So when he was asked if he would do the dance, the answer was a no-brainer.

“If that’s impacting the kids’ life… and they’re looking forward to it… I mean, that’s worth everything, in my opinion… These kids are a big part of my heart,” said Wheat.

Deputy Wheat says that if the opportunity came up, he would be willing to do an encore performance with the Poms, and the Poms said they would be more than happy to have him.