Kids with a craving for cooking are getting an extra special treat this semester.

District 11’s ProStart Program is giving kids learning opportunities for students to go beyond the classroom.

ProStart is a program that is sponsored by the National Restaurant Association. It’s a culinary arts and restaurant management program where kids not only learn how to cook but also run the business.  

“I ask them at the beginning of the semester, ‘Is this a passion or a passing interest?’ and either way I say this is going to be a great semester,” said teacher Andrea Aragon.

This high school class also gives them a college credit.  

Each year, the students have a mentor in the cooking industry and this year’s coach is turning up the heat. 

“Having Chef Brother Luck as our mentor this year has been awesome, and I think he’s taken the foundation skills that the students have learned to the next level,” Aragon said.  

After his own taste of success, he’s sharing it with other students that have an appetite for learning. 

“I was awarded my scholarship. That’s how I got my education so I feel very passionate to be able to give back and work with high school students. It’s a great opportunity,” said local celebrity Chef Brother Luck.  

“I really liked the idea of cooking and I had a passion for it, and I really wanted to build off of it,” Jasmyne a senior in the ProStart program, said.

Chef Brother Luck is mentoring these young chefs to be a cut above the rest, and to appreciate the food on the table.   

“When I think about teaching the students it’s all about the basics, safety first and foremost. How to hold a knife, how to work in the kitchen, how to call out ‘I’ve got a hot pan and I’m coming your way,'” said Chef Luck. “There’s so much work that goes into food coming out of the ground, or raising and animal and getting it to your kitchen.”  

These kids at Colorado Springs D-11 can take the heat. 

“It’s really fun I really like it, it helps me build as someone I didn’t think I’d be or become. I’m really shocked that now I know what I want to be when I grow up, if I didn’t take this class, I would still be in class thinking ‘What am I going to do?'” said Jasmyne.  

In their recent competition, these girls didn’t win, but two of the girls are being offered jobs at Brother Luck’s restaurant here in town.