COLORADO SPRINGS — Local children were given the opportunity to score some new wheels thanks to the area’s largest cycling gear swap.

The swap benefits local organization such as Kids on Bikes and Pedal Station Community Bike Center. Over 100 vendors could be found selling new or used cycling gear at SoccerHaus.

There was even a bike corral with used and brand new bikes for prospective buyers to take a gander at. Organizers say the program helps connect people to bikes and small businesses.

“A lot of kids aren’t leading active lifestyles, they are playing games, eating unhealthy food right now and especially with COVID happening that is even more pertinent right now is to get kids outside on bikes,” said Jessica Verpalank, Deputy Director and Operations Manager of Kids on Bikes.

“Kids on bikes is what they really do, they don’t just say ‘hey here is a bike go have fun,’ it’s ‘hey here’s a bike here’s how you can change an innertube or grease your chain’ that type of thing,” Bike Swap co-organizer Gabe Alvarada said.

Kids on Bikes also offers afterschool program where kids can earn a bike. Program leaders hope to provide kids with more access and education to bicycles.