Cyber Safe Parent Report: Network Pools Expertise


We’ve all heard it takes a village to raise a child.  The internet is a great source to get the help and advice parents need to raise their family in a tech friendly world.   For parents toying with the idea of giving their child a smartphone, a viewer suggested a blog with useful tips.   

 1 Always ask a parent before downloading an app.

2  Do not give your phone number to strangers or post it online 

3. Tell a parent if you receive something that makes you feel uncomfortable

4   Do not answer a call or text message from an unrecognizable number

 5 Think about the messages you send

  6 For teens who have  licenses, don’t text and drive. 

  7 Lastly, follow any rules that your school has  set for smartphone use in class or during school hours.

For more tips, head to this website:

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