CSPD releases body camera video from De’Von Bailey shooting


Autopsy report also released

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Colorado Springs Police Department has released body camera footage from the August 3 shooting that killed 19-year-old De’Von Bailey.

The department edited the video and published it on Vimeo. According to police, the video contains the following content, in this order:

  • 911 Call Audio with Transcription: The initial portion of the 911 call from the reporting party describing what occurred and providing suspect descriptions
  • Radio Communications Audio with Transcription: This audio is compressed to remove empty airtime when no one is speaking (begins at 6:20)
  • Sergeant Van’t Land’s Body Worn Camera Video (begins at 10:00)
  • Officer Evenson’s Body Worn Camera Video (begins at 12:36)
  • Sergeant Van’t Land’s Body Worn Camera Video with Enhanced Audio, Transcription, and Slowed Down (begins at 14:28)
  • Officer Evenson’s Body Worn Camera Video with Enhanced Audio, Transcription, and Slowed Down (begins at 17:25)
  • Copy of Colorado Revised Statue 16-3-103 “Stopping a Suspect” (begins at 19:31)
  • Copy of relevant portion of Colorado Revised Statue 18-1-707 “Use of Physical Force in Making an Arrest or in Preventing an Escape Definitions” (begins at 20:03): The full statute is available in a separate document here.

WARNING: This video is extremely graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Police identified the officers who fired their weapons as Sgt. Alan Van’t Land and Officer Blake Evenson, both assigned to the Sand Creek Division. Van’t Land has been with the department since January 2008, and Evenson has been with the department since October 2012.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the footage from the body-worn camera, the footage begins at the officers’ initial contact and ends when life-saving measures are performed,” police said in a press release accompanying the video. “Following the stopping point in the video, officers continue to perform these measures until medical arrives on scene and witnesses are interviewed.”

Police noted CSPD officers wear their body-worn cameras mounted on their chests, and therefore the cameras do not record the officers’ field of vision.

The video release comes after Bailey’s family, attorneys, and community leaders held a press conference Tuesday demanding release of the footage. The family also called for an independent special prosecutor to investigate Bailey’s death.

Investigation continues

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said it has concluded its investigation, and has turned its findings over to the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

“Our office takes Officer-Involved Shooting investigations very seriously, and we are committed to a thorough, fair and neutral review, which may include follow-up interviews, additional testing, and further analysis and examination of the evidence,” the district attorney’s office said in a statement Thursday afternoon. “Typically, an Officer-Involved Shooting investigation takes our office approximately 90-120 days to complete, sometimes longer, at which point we will issue a statement detailing our findings – either charges are filed, the shooting is ruled justified, or the case is sent to a Grand Jury.”

The district attorney’s office said all initial interviews were completed before the body camera video was released.

Family reacts

In a statement released in response to the footage, attorneys for the family said in part, “The video evidence released today demonstrates that De’Von was not presenting any threat to the officers who shot and killed him while he attempted to flee. In addition, there is not a shred of evidence that De’Von presented an imminent threat or risk that he was imminently about to use a gun to harm anyone else. Instead, it is clear that he was merely trying to get away from the situation.”

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Autopsy report released

Bailey was shot four times, according to the autopsy report released on Thursday — three were in the back and one in the shoulder.

He was struck in the heart, left lung, diaphragm, and spleen; resulting in significant blood loss and subsequently his death.

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