(COLORADO SPRINGS) — On Thursday, Nov. 10, HBA Cares presented a check to the Southern Colorado Law Enforcement Foundation to support an officer battling to return to work after a major medical incident.

The check, worth more than $3,000, was the result of a charity hockey game that was played between HBA Cares and CSPD, with CSPD’s portion of the proceeds going toward Officer Brianna Ragsdale’s recovery.

CSPD said Ragsdale had a major medical incident while on duty, and is currently fighting to recover and return to work.

“She has been nothing but inspirational. She’s talked about how she’s coming back, she’s talked about how she’s fighting this with everything that she has, and she’s never shown a bit of weakness, and that’s an absolute inspiration,” said CSPD Chief Adrian Vasquez.

The volunteer CSPD hockey team has been playing together for over 20 years, and knocked out a win in the charity game with HBA Cares.