CSPD Chief responds to viral arrest video from protest


COLORADO SPRINGS — A video circulating on social media shows a man being arrested by a handful of Colorado Springs Police Officers after protests in downtown.

It appears in the video that officers hit the man multiple times as they cuffed him.

Before officers arrested the man, an officer is asking people to get out of the intersection. Then the officers ask the man to get on the ground and then in the video, it appears the man was shot at with rubber bullets. As the man tries to get up, the video shows an officer slamming the man down then multiple other officers begin to attempt to put cuffs on him.

Many people who have viewed the video say the police used excessive force and say this is an example of police brutality.

Police Chief Vince Niski confirms he has seen the video and said the incident will have a full review to determine if there were any laws or department policies broken.

The video is courtesy of Camille Parsons.


(WARNING: The video might be disturbing for some and foul language is used)


“I am aware of the video circulating around social media of our officers using force to effect an arrest during the recent protest. This incident will be reviewed to determine if any laws or department policies were broken.

Preliminary, the video appears to show officers attempting to take a suspect into custody after protestors were given a lawful order to disperse. The suspect seems to be resisting, which is when officers use force to gain compliance and take him into custody.

This video shows a small snapshot of that arrest. The full review will reveal all the events that occurred leading up to this incident, during this incident, and what happened after the video stops. Once that is complete, if the officers have been found to have violated our policies or the law, the appropriate action will be taken.

While protests in Colorado Springs have been overwhelmingly peaceful, we have seen violent and unlawful acts take place, especially during the night. We stand in solidarity with our community and we will continue to protect our community’s right to protest, but when a crime occurs we have to take action to ensure an escalation of violence does not continue.”

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