CSFD welcomes fire department from Mexico for training


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Monday, the Colorado Springs Fire Department welcomed firefighters from its sister department in Mexico.

Four firefighters from Nuevo Casas Grandes in the state of Chihuahua are here to learn from our very own.

The sister department consists of 26 firefighters who serve a city of more than 70,000 people.

Some of the skills being taught are forced entry, live fire training, high angle attacks, and more.

“The training that we’re able to give them, hopefully they can go down there and work with other firefighters down there and try better technique, faster technique, to do the same things we do up here,” CSFD paramedic Michale Olvera said.

“We are grateful and very excited with the news they have here for us,” Nuevo Casas Grandes firefighter Christian Ontiberos said. “God bless you people. God bless you.”

On the way back to Mexico, the firefighters will be driving a fire truck donated to them by CSFD.

The last time the sister department received training from CSFD was 11 years ago.

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