(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) is reminding haunted houses in the area that they need to be permitted by the Fire Department in order to operate safely and in accordance with fire codes.

“It has come to our attention that some haunted houses within the city are operating improperly or without a permit,” CSFD said in a press release.

The CSFD Division of the Fire Marshal provided some information for haunted houses on how to operate in accordance to fire codes:

  • Haunted houses that are established for the public and are advertised via public media or other sources or collect money as fees or donations require approval from CSFD through the locally adopted International Fire Code.
  • Haunted houses found to be in violation of the Fire Code will be shut down immediately, and the owners/operators will be subject to a summons with a penalty of up to $2,500 and 189 days in jail.
  • CSFD encouraged all owners/operators of haunted houses in the City of Colorado Springs to contact the Division of the Fire Marshal immediately for any events Halloween coming weekend at (719) 385-5978 in order to avoid an interruption of the event and the issuance of a summons.
  • Haunted houses that would like more information on fire codes and safe operation can click here.

CSFD said it wants everyone to have a fun Halloween, and that starts with ensuring haunted houses are safe for everyone.