CS Utilities finalizing negotiations to add more renewable energy, battery storage


In the coming months, a new contract will give Colorado Springs Utilities the go-ahead to add 150 megawatts of new solar generation with the addition of a 25-megawatt battery storage system.

“This is an exciting time for the utilities,” Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Aram Benyamin said. “We are in a transitional phase. So yesterday, as you know, we presented to our board.” 

The contract has yet to be approved, but it’s one step closer to adding more renewable energy to the area, similar to the Clear Spring Ranch Solar Array.

The battery storage will be used to store solar energy and will be used during more expensive peak demand periods.

“Just to give you a magnitude, it’s about 30,000 homes that we could power up at the peak,” Benyamin said. “And this is 25-megawatts, it’s 100 megawatt-hour energy that could be discharged fully.” 

The energy storage will be the largest in the state.

We asked how the project would affect taxpayers.

“We do have a revenue requirement that our ratepayers see,” Benyamin said. “In this case, we are going to see a reduction in our rates because the renewables and the batteries storage will give us certainty for the next 25 years.”

This latest renewables addition helps CSU meet the goal of decommissioning the Drake Power Plant by 2035.

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