A Colorado Springs woman is claiming the President of the City Council threatened her during a traffic accident, now she wants an investigation into the matter.

On Wednesday, Barb Sutherland was on her way to pick up her child from school, when she was rear-ended by another woman.

The driver then apparently pleaded with Barb not to call the police, saying it was her daughter’s birthday and she was scared about getting arrested.

At first, barb agreed, but when the woman said her license was revoked in California and her insurance and registration information didn’t match the driver’s name, Barb knew she had to report it.

The crash happened just before 3 PM on West Cheyenne Road, near Fenmoor. According to Barb, while she was on the phone with police, City Council President Richard Skorman showed up.

Barb writes in a Facebook post, that Skorman claimed he could, “vouch for the other woman and had a power of attorney over her,” asking Barb to just exchange information and let her go.

Barb also claimed, Skorman brought up childcare matters for the other driver, saying there was no need to keep her there for three hours. Barb wrote, “Richard Skorman got confrontational with me, asked me why I don’t care about children and told me over and over that he was the President of City Council.”

Barb claims that he used his title so many times, “it actually felt like he was threatening me.”

Barb said she then told Skorman to leave, saying the police instructed her to call them back if the situation changed and got aggressive.

“And I looked at him and said, ‘I find you to be extremely aggressive and I need you to leave now.’ And he was very upset with me, he started to walk off and he reminded me who he was, the President of City Council,” said Barb Sutherland, crash victim speaking out against Richard Skorman.

FOX21 also reached out to Skorman who wanted to issue this apology to Barb.

“I’d like to apologize to her, if I made her feel uncomfortable, but after she said that, I left and I didn’t feel like it was anything that was a big incident, but I apologize,” said Richard Skorman, President of City Council.

According to Skorman, the other woman is a family-friend, who works at his family’s house and that he is the medical power of attorney for.

Skorman also claimed that he had no idea the other woman’s license had been revoked in California, just thought she had left it at home that day.

As for Barb, she did contact the Mayor’s office and spoke with Risk Management, sending this statement to FOX21.

Outside of my safety and my family,  I want an investigation done.  His demeanor,  tone, abuse of power, and intimidation factor, appear to lead to something much larger than a mere traffic accident.

The woman who hit me stated it was her first day hired by him to clean his house.  Why would he show up to the accident, tell my husband and I that her license had been revoked in the state of CA, state he had a power of attorney over her,  and vouch for her. All the while,  pushing me to cancel the police call, knowing full well the situation was illegal.

My take on his behavior was such that, he was responding as “status quo”.  His behavior is not in the best interest of the citizens of Colorado Springs. No City elected official should operate under fear and intimidation, and as President of the City Council he should be well aware of that.  I do not feel safe knowing he left the accident scene with a veiled threat toward me.  I want him investigated and held accountable for his actions.

Barb also tells FOX21, it was concerning because a backpack kept moving to and from the other woman’s car.

Barb says it first taken and brought back by another woman who came to the scene and even questioned Barb, then taken a final time by Skorman.

When FOX21 asked Skorman what was in the backpack, he said it was simply supplies for the house and a light battery.