(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Springs’s first-ever fashion week is almost here and they are now looking for fashionistas to participate.

This Saturday, May 6, Colorado Springs Fashion Week (COSFW) held its in-person casting call, where models took turns strutting a mock runway vying for a spot on the real runway for the finale show.

“A fierce walk, confidence, head held high, and impressionable,” are a few things that the owner/producer of COSFW, Jaime Taylor, said they were looking for in a model.

Models of all ages, heights, skin tones, and genders showed up to walk. Organizers with COSFW said they’re looking to break out of outdated fashion norms.

“Back in the day, they were looking for certain specs, right? Like 5′ 10″ not over 120lbs, or whatever it is. But, it’s antiquated and it’s old… We’re just looking for everyone. All shapes, colors, sizes, heights, really just anyone that’s got a passion for fashion,” said Taylor.

Organizers want the community to see themselves in this fashion week because they say representation is in!

“Representation in what we look like in our day-to-day lives is that it’s varied, it’s marginalized, it’s inclusive. So the things that we do and the projects we create, the lines that we represent should also be,” said Taylor.

COSFW is doing the week in its own style. Organizers said they wanted to do it in a way that made the most sense for this area and was inspired by the downtown retail area in the city.

“We’ll have pop-up banners and atmospheric models in those boutiques, kind of highlighting all of the fashion that’s happening in store, which is completely nontraditional,” said Taylor.

Taylor said that this type of fashion week is one of the first of its kind in the entire state.

They are now looking for any and all creatives to be a part of this production that will run from June 24 through July 1. Anyone from hair stylists, make-up artists, models, photographers, and designers, retailers, and more.

Fashion lovers can head over to cosfw.com/get-involved/ to get involved.

“Any creative where your skillset or passion would be applicable to this process. We’re looking for you,” said Taylor.