Conditions hinder day two of search for missing boater on Lake Pueblo


Rescue crews are still searching for a boater who went missing Monday at Lake Pueblo State Park. 

Crews called it a night around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Sonar helped them find a more precise location, and they believe they can see the man’s boat below the water, which is about 110 feet deep. 

The Colorado Springs Fire Department’s dive team conducted multiple dives Tuesday, but winds made it difficult to make the recovery. 

Because they don’t expect good weather the next couple of days, they are not sure when they will be able to resume recovery efforts. 

“Diving operations do take some time,” Lake Pueblo park manager Monique Mullis said. “There are so many safety procedures and everything. This is a risk for the divers. Under the surface of the water right now there is cliffs, there’s shelves, there’s rock piles, there’s logs. There’s all kinds of things that can fool the eye.” 

They remind other boaters that even in May, the water is still between 40 and 50 degrees. 

“The temperature of the water right now, it wouldn’t take but just two, three, four minutes to have that water actually start to impact your ability to use your motor skills,” Mullis said. “When it comes to hypothermia, particularly in water, the most skilled, athletic Olympic swimmer, those abilities, you’ve lost control of them.” 

They believe the man they’ve searching for struggled with hypothermia.  

“It’s a very tragic situation for them, and we do of course extend our greatest condolences for them, and feel like the best thing we can do for them right now is try to recover their loved one,” Mullis said.  

Though Parks and Wildlife has not released the identity of the man, they have notified his family.  

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