A benefit concert was held Sunday night for Officer Cem Duzel, who was shot in the head in August. 

Three bands played in the concert at Stargazers Theater. All of the proceeds went to Duzel’s family. 

The Fire Line band led the effort to organize the concert. Their drummer, Valerie Carricato, has 27 family members who work in law enforcement, and she wanted to support a local officer who was hurt. 

“I can’t even express how honorable this is to be able to use our talents as musicians and just give back to our community,” Carricato said. 

Police Chief Pete Carey was in the audience. He said it was a great night for his officers to interact with the community outside of a police capacity, and events like this show how the city supports law enforcement. 

“These are tough events, when we lose an officer or we get an officer hurt badly,” Carey said. “So to stop by tonight as a police chief, as a cop, and hang out, hear some good music, and just see some of the people in the community enjoying themselves, interacting with their cops, and some people donating, it’s pretty cool. It warms the heart. Makes me want to go back to work tomorrow.”

The organizers said Duzel has a live stream of the concert from his hospital room.