(PUEBLO, Colo.) — The nation’s top-ranked eaters are slated to compete at The World Slopper Eating Championship at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 3 at the Colorado State Fair.

The World Slopper Eating Championship will feature the nation’s top-ranked eaters, each hoping to set a world record in the slopper-eating discipline. Eaters will have eight minutes to consume as many sloppers as possible, and the eater who consumes the most sloppers within the competition wins.

At the competition in 2022, Geoffrey Esper, the #2-ranked eater in the world, ate 33 9-ounce sloppers, falling just short of his own record of 37.5 sloppers. This year, Esper faces competition from some of Major League Eating’s top-ranked competitive eaters.

“The slopper is a beloved Pueblo delicacy and signature dish of the American West,” said Sam Barclay, event host at Major League Eating. “We are confident that a new world record will be set at this year’s contest.”

Colorado beef sloppers, a staple of Pueblo, consist of 1/4 pound of Colorado ground beef, topped off with a slice of cheese and served on a bottom bun, and smothered in Pueblo green chile.

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  • Slopper eating contest
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“The Annual World Slopper Eating Championship is a signature event at the Colorado State Fair,” said Scott Stoller, General Manager of the Colorado State Fair. “We look forward to seeing an exciting battle to determine who takes the title of slopper-eating champion.”