Community reacts to Rocky Mountain Vibes announcement

Rocky Mountain Vibes

Colorado Springs rookie-level baseball is seeing a changeup in teams next June, but before the Helena Brewers take over Security Service Field they’ll be getting a new name and mascot.

They’ll be called the Rocky Mountain Vibes with ‘Toasty Vibes,’ a S’more as the new mascot.

“Vibes oh well, I’m trying to think what a mascot would look like for a vibe,” said Catherine Macdonald, who lives in Colorado Springs.

According to the Rocky Mountain Vibes Organization, they picked ‘Toasty Vibes’ as the mascot because they thought of people in Colorado that like camping and eat s’mores.

“My first thought was not pleasant, but my second thought as I think about it, we love to go camping and one of our favorite things to do when there is no fire danger, is to roast marshmallows and have s’mores,” said Martha Huber, who lives in Colorado Springs.

As far as how the name Rocky Mountain Vibes was picked the organization said it started with their community name-submission contest.

“We had over 3,000 submissions when we first opened the contest up and in our goal to narrow it down to our top five finalists, that’s when we first saw the happy campers name,” said Chris Phillips, president and general manager for the Rocky Mountain Vibes.

When they saw the ‘Happy Campers’ finalist name they pushed it forward and came up with a name that envisioned ‘what’ makes local happy campers.

“Its that outdoor living and it’s the mountains and it’s spending time with your friends and your family, or going to a ball game or hiking or mountain biking, and it’s that vibe you get when you live here,” said Phillips.

The Vibes’ inaugural season begins June 14 with their first home game June 21 against the Grand Junction Rockies. 

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