(COLORADO SPRINGS) FOX21 – The community is shaving their heads for cancer. In partnership with MoDo Salon, and Jack Quinn’s, the Switchbacks hosted a St Baldrick’s Foundation signature head-shaving event to raise funds for lifesaving childhood cancer research.

Lisa Toepp, feeling her shaved head for the first time

Her first time touching her freshly shaved head, Lisa Toepp couldn’t help but giggle, “It feels like tickly!”

Toepp was among many community members shaving their heads on Saturday afternoon for childhood cancer.

“I was wondering if I was brave enough to do it…I started contacting family and friends to get donations…and it feels really good to make a contribution, to make a difference,” said Toepp.

She ended up fundraising over $4,000, but Toepp wasn’t the only one mustering up the courage for a big chop. Elias Nagel had long blonde hair that he had been growing out since January 2020.

Nagel was joined by a bunch of his friends to support him in his 16-inch haircut. All of them took turns with the razor and held up the blonde locks in triumph when he was done.

“I raised $1,400… It feels really good….I feel like I’m making a big difference,” said Nagel.

Some seasoned vet shavees have introduced this as a tradition to new generations of their family.

“I’ve been doing this for 17 years….Now my son and I are doing it together. We love it…this is his fourth year now,” said Kevin Kyle.

For newcomers and old-timers, the feeling of a freshly shaved head takes some getting used to.

“It felt weird. Like, really weird,” said seven-year-old Logan Kyle.

Day one of the two-day head-shaving event was hosted by the Switchbacks at their home-opener game.

“We love giving back in any way that we can…and this was a perfect fit for our home opener…we’ve raised close to $30,000 for the cause so it’s awesome. I am blown away,” said Jon Taylor, business developments manager for the Switchbacks.

The turnout for this year’s event was beyond what was expected.

“Our starting goal this year was $5,000, so we’ve far surpassed that already and we’re just excited to see how much further we can go,” said Dakota Malacara, owner of MoDo Salon.

Day two of the head-shaving event will take place on Sunday, March 19, at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant at 12:00 p.m. where anyone can join and donate.