Comcast customer in Colorado Springs says neighbor’s pot-growing lights interfere with Wi-Fi


A Comcast customer in southwest Colorado Springs says their neighbor’s pot-growing lights are interfering with their Wi-Fi, cable and phone services. 

“Our rights shouldn’t end,” said the customer, who wants to remain anonymous. “We are paying for our service. Our service shouldn’t be interrupted just so someone can grow marijuana.”

The customer said two different representatives from Comcast told them that it was the pot-growing lights that are causing their service to go down. 

“It seems to be more of a problem in these older neighborhoods where the lines are still overhead,” said the customer. 

FOX21 asked Comcast if this was true. 

“Lighting or appliances that are not functioning properly can sometimes emit ‘electrical noise’ which can interfere with other surrounding WiFi and network equipment,” said Leslie Oliver, a representative for Comcast. “Our technicians usually inspect the connections to ensure all equipment is functioning at maximum capacity to avoid service interruptions.”

It is legal to grow marijuana in your home in Colorado, as long as it is for personal use. People who are growing marijuana can only have 12 plants in total per household. 

The customer said they don’t care that their neighbors are growing and aren’t blaming Comcast for the problem. But the customer said they would like to have the problem fixed. 

“I just want to keep the service up, no matter what it takes,” said the customer. 

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