Colorado Springs tops report of most desirable place to live


According to U.S. News And World Report, Colorado Springs is the “Most Desirable” Place to live in the U.S.  

The Springs has been second on this list for the last two years, now in 2018 Colorado Springs has finally surpassed Honolulu. 

There are two separate lists “The Best Places” and “The Most Desirable Place” to live.  

U.S. News And World Report said Colorado Springs has topped the list of places where people “would live if they could.” 

The Springs also remains second the best places to live which includes, factors such as job market, high quality of life and good value.  

“My father was in the military. So because of the Military base, and he retired here, and I had no reason to leave. So I’m still here,” said Heather Rasch, who has lived here for 38 years.  

“I moved here to take that job and have fallen in love with Colorado Springs,” said Taylor Lorbiecki, who has lived here for seven months.    

“I came down here for college,” said Brandon Thomic, a 7-year resident of the Springs. “Now I can’t leave. I’m stuck.” 

Now we live in the place that most people wish they lived. 

“Just being able to walk down the block and be in Palmer Park. There were multiple places to live like that in town,” said Colorado Springs native Beth Thorpe. “Garden of the Gods there is living around there, Red Rocks Open Space, you can live very near that kind of open space.” 

“I’ve lived a couple places this is definitely one of my favorite’s though,” said Lorbiecki.  

Colorado Springs just barely beat out Portland, San Diego, Honolulu, and Seattle.

So FOX21’s Carly Moore asked a few locals what they love most.  

“My favorite part would definitely be the outdoors. I’ve always liked to be outdoors, enjoyed the hiking of the West out here, and just all the opportunities to get outside and enjoy this beautiful place,” Lorbiecki said.  

“My favorite part is definitely the downtown area, its really cute and fun, lots of shopping really good food,” Rasch said. 

“The mountains!” said Kellie Woodson.

They recognize there are still places to improve, especially if more people get the memo.  

“I will say our public transportation is no comparison to Portland,” said Thorpe.  

“The cost of living is high but to me, it’s still worth it,” said Lorbiecki 

“Traffic with our infrastructure is definitely going to be a problem. We are already having to do a whole bunch of construction around town to widen the roads,” Rasch said. “Parking is starting to become a problem.” 

“We just need better drivers not less drivers, just better drivers,” said Thomic.  

Colorado’s biggest city, Denver, also ranking 10th on the list.   

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