Colorado Springs therapists celebrate National Play Therapy Week


A different form of therapy, that has been around for almost 50 years, has found some new recognition in southern Colorado. The Colorado Association for Play Therapy is celebrating its 25th year of work here in the state.

“So where an adult would come in and we would do talk treatment and we would articulate what is going on in their life, a child would come in and make expressive movement with their body or through artistic means,” Val Bruno, a play therapist in Colorado Springs, said.

The therapy is focused on having kids express what is going on in their lives through physical play. Bruno has a playroom at her location for her clients to talk in.

“Children’s expression and primary way to communicate is not verbally,” Bruno said. “They do that, but their brains don’t fully develop until they’re 25.”

Jenna Roe works as a play therapist in Castle Rock. She said something she really focuses on during this practice is making sure everyone in the family understands what is going on.

“When they first come in and they don’t know what to do and they’re really worried about what their kid is doing and they are at their wits’ end, it’s great to see them through the process and see the kid and family regulate is amazing,” Roe said.

Bruno said this type of therapy isn’t only for kids. She does have adult patients as well.

“There is no age,” Bruno said. “I have had 62-year-old people playing in the sandbox non verbally. It’s pretty amazing.”

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