COLORADO SPRINGS — While every city may think they have the worst drivers, a new report of the best and worst across America reveals Colorado Springs ranked high among bad drivers.

Colorado Springs has such a high number of citations, like not buckling up, that it now outranks Denver as the city with the worst drivers. “Every city thinks that they have the worst drivers, every city does,” said Nick VinZant, a senior analyst at QuoteWizard.

By looking at the number of accidents, speeding tickets/citations, and DUIs, QuoteWizard, an online insurance marketplace, can get an idea of which cities actually have the worst drivers. “Colorado Springs this year has the 16th worst drivers in the nation,” VinZant said.

QuoteWizard evaluated six million car insurance quotes on each city’s number of crashes and citations. “And we can see that when we look at the number of speeding tickets that people in Colorado Springs get. Colorado Springs gets a high number of speeding tickets,” VinZant said.

Colorado Springs ranked 38th for accidents and has the 22nd highest number of citations. “If a city has a high number of citations, everything else flows from that,” VinZant said.

The new ranking could not only impact you on the road, but also how much you are going to be paying for auto insurance. “When auto insurance companies look at pricing out how expensive auto insurance is, they look at the location, they look at the area as a whole,” VinZant said.

Colorado State Patrol says speeding is a growing problem across Colorado, especially when it comes to younger drivers. 2018 was a record high year in Colorado Springs with 48 deadly traffic crashes.

Colorado State Patrol encourages parents to talk to their teens about safe driving habits.

Colorado Springs continues to reduce the high number with its traffic safety campaign. The implementation of the Red Light Safety Program aims to reduce traffic injuries and deaths.