Colorado Springs prepares to take control in the fight against COVID-19


COLORADO SPRINGS — The state of Colorado is getting ready to give local governments control over health orders and Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers says his city is ready for the change.

“Our hospitals are not overburdened and they have plenty of capacity; we also minimized the number of deaths,” said Suthers.

Cities like Denver and Pueblo announced they would implement additional guidelines, but Suthers says that won’t be the city’s case.

“There will not be from the city or the county any local regulations over whatever and above what the state mandate says,” said Suthers.

The El Paso County Health Department said if any targeted response is needed, they will address it and continue to ask people to keep on practicing current health guidelines.

In a statement to FOX21 the health department said:

At this point in time, local leaders do not anticipate implementing additional business restrictions. If any targeted response is needed, we will address these specific areas of concern as they arise. We have used science and data to guide policy decisions throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so to make the most informed recommendations for our community. 

We have worked closely with our community throughout this past year, providing technical guidance, expertise, and consultation. We will continue to work with partners and sectors to offer this same level of support.  

It is vital that we vaccinate our community as quickly and efficiently as possible; widespread community vaccination is our most powerful tool to end this pandemic. While we work to increase our vaccination rates and until everyone has the opportunity to receive a vaccine, it remains imperative that we continue to diligently use all of the prevention tools available to us. As we await the state’s final guidance, what we do know is that this set of prevention measures–when layered– is effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19. We urge our community to continue engaging in prevention:  

  • Get vaccinated
  • Wear a mask 
  • Practice six feet of social distancing 
  • Stay home when sick 

To get connected to a vaccine provider in El Paso County:

“If we have a spike in hospitalizations and hospitals say to me they are concerned, and we can reinstate some restrictions,” said Suthers.

The Mayor said it’s also up to businesses to implement their own additional restrictions if they want but expects capacity limits to go away.

“I think we may see a spike in a number of cases, and the question is whether that will translate to hospitalization or deaths,” Suthers said.

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