Colorado Springs Pita Pit helps students get a leg up on real job experience


Some local high school students from District 11, District 20, and the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind are working hand-in-hand with a local restaurant to get real job experience. 

“I was very, very nervous because I didn’t know if they would hire me or not,” said Jay Woehrel, a senior at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.  

Woehrel is deaf. But he is able to read lips, sign, and work at Pita Pit. 

“They teach me more than I teach them,” said Pamela Jones, the owner of the downtown Pita Pit.

Jones said she started working with students like Woehrel when she opened the shop. Several of the students have challenges of their own that they are dealing with. She said she just wants to help. 

“We get the benefit of educating these individuals and creating life skill opportunities for them, and in the end, we get a great employee,” Jones said. 

The schools pay for the students to work at the shop. But Jones said they hire some of the students after they’ve graduated. 

“You start your day and when you see someone like Jay or Alyssa walk through the door and they smile,” Jones said. “You know you made the right decision to participate in this program.”

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