Colorado Springs mom asking for help in finding late son’s military dependent ID


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Colorado Springs mother needs your help after her car was broken into while visiting Garden of the Gods Park this past weekend.

“He was going to be an amazing father one day. He was going to be an amazing husband. He was already such a good human being,” Kathleen McConnell said while reflecting on her son Levi.

For her and the rest of her family, memories of their 13-year-old son are what’s helping mend the heartache of losing their only son to a rare form of brain cancer.

“It’s terminal upon diagnosis, and they are given 9 to 11 months. And he gave us 14 (months),” said Kathleen.

Levi passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 28. On Sunday, Nov. 7, the McConnell family decided to visit Garden of the Gods Park.

“The last time we were there was when my son was still here,” said McConnell.

During their trip, the family’s car windows were smashed, and Kathleen’s purse and wallet were stolen. Inside her wallet was Levi’s military-dependent ID–a token of her son.

“It brought our grief to our whole level,” said McConnell. “It was the reminder that he wasn’t here, and I couldn’t get that ID made.”

The McConnell family filed a police report and sought help on social media. Days later, Kathleen’s wallet was found near Bear Creek and Gold Camp Road, but her son’s ID was nowhere to be found.

On her way there, though, she found an abandoned purse on the side of the road and posted about it on social media.

“A woman reached out and said, ‘Oh my god, that’s my purse, and my car was broken into two weeks ago at Bear Creek Park’,” said McConnell.

The two women met up and after learning about Kathleen’s search for her son’s ID, this woman, a complete stranger, is now offering to pay $100 to the person who finds it.

This family says, despite losing their son’s identification card, they’re not giving up on hope because “Levi the Conqueror” never did.

“We had hoped throughout his cancer journey, he would be cured, and I have that hope that someone will have a change of heart and change their ways,” said McConnell.

If you find Levi’s ID, please email FOX21 so we can put you in contact with McConnell.

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