Colorado Springs medic/firefighter recognized for saving 11 lives through resuscitation rescues


The Colorado Springs Fire Department is recognizing one of its own for making nearly a dozen life-saving resuscitation rescues. 

“It is very cool to see him go from new medic and not sure of himself to one of the hands-down best medics I have ever worked with, said Lt. Rachael Staebell with the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

Austin Pugh has been with CSFD for over six years. He said he was surprised when he received the award in February. CSFD wanted to recognize him for saving 11 people’s lives by performing CPR in traumatic situations.

I didn’t even know how many patients were brought back,” Pugh said. “It’s something our administration tracks, but it’s not something we see.”

Pugh said once they drop the patients off at the hospital, they are in the hospital’s care. He said he has met only a few of the people he has saved.

We have a way to request that information, but it takes some time,” Pugh said. “But a lot of the time, we don’t find out if people end up living or not.”

Pugh said it isn’t just him who has helped people survive. It’s the whole crew that responds to the scene.

Generally 75 to 80 percent of the calls we go on are medical calls here in Colorado Springs,” Pugh said.

Pugh grew up in Colorado Springs. He graduated from Doherty High School in 2009 and then graduated from Pikes Peak Community College before becoming part of the CSFD team.

“It’s great to be with him because it makes the whole scene feel that much better because we know what’s supposed to happen is going to happen, Staebell said

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