(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Springs City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday, May 9 to increase the Mayor’s salary by $15,000, effective June 6.

The vote came after a proposed ordinance was read at a council meeting on Tuesday. The ordinance states that voters approved amendments to the City Charter in 2010, in which the Mayor’s salary would be adjusted every four years to coincide with the start of a new Mayoral term.

The charter dictates that changes to the Mayor’s salary are to reflect any change, up or down, over the term’s four-year period in the most local consumer price index.

The last adjustment took place in 2019 at the beginning of Mayor John Suthers’ second term. It was adjusted by Ordinance No. 19-31, from $103,370 to $114,159.

Because 2023 marks the beginning of a new mayoral term, the charter requires an update to the Mayor’s salary.

Click here to view the formula used to calculate the Mayor’s salary adjustment.

Effective June 6, 2023, the Colorado Springs Mayor will receive an annual salary of $129,740, an increase of $15,581.