COLORADO SPRINGS — On Tuesday, the Office of the Attorney General released a report in which is decided the decision to move US Space Command from Peterson Space Force Base to Huntsville, Alabama was “not improperly influenced by politics,” as some Colorado lawmakers have argued.

On Wednesday, Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said, in a statement, “The OIG report confirms what we have been saying all along; that keeping USSPACECOM in Colorado Springs is in the best interest of national security. It important to note that our nation’s senior military leaders made these recommendations even before Russian actions in Ukraine—a protracted conflict that is estimated, according to the Director of National Intelligence, to be more unpredictable and potentially escalatory in the coming months.”

Suthers expressed his disappointment in the decision in August of 2021.

At that time he told FOX21, “We have sources in the Air Force saying the Air Force recommendation was Colorado Springs and [President Trump] directed us in another direction. If that’s the case, if you’re asking me if I would attribute personal motives to the President? Absolutely.”

This week, the OIG said it found the decision to move Space Command to Huntsville was a “reasonable” one.

To that, Suthers said, “Qualifying the document as ‘reasonable’ is simply not good enough, especially when the recommendation is starkly at odds with our national security advisors. The report highlights a lack of critical documentation and policy and most concerningly, shows that the former president ignored senior military leaders’ recommendations to keep USSPACECOM in Colorado Springs. We cannot afford to put politics over national security and delay our ability to reach full operational capability, especially given the current international climate. USSPACECOM needs to stay in Colorado Springs for the foreseeable future and we look forward to continued discussion on the matter.”