COLORADO SPRINGS — A local man has made it his mission to contribute to Ronald McDonald House Charities, which he has been actively donating to since 2013, and he is doing it in the simplest way: through pop tabs.

The pop tabs come from soda cans, soup cans, and beer cans. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

Since he started collecting in 2013, Charles Chinn has collected over 1.7 million pop tabs, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The Ronald McDonald House is a program that helps alleviate the financial burden of families with sick children. It is a program Chinn has personal experience with.

At a young age, Chinn was diagnosed with spinal meningitis. He later had a stroke that left him with seizures. During his recovery, the Ronald McDonald House became a major help.

Now an adult, Chinn remembers the impact the organization had on his life and wishes to help children who are in need.

Chinn said he has his niece to thank for the idea of donating pop tabs. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

“Take the pop tab off,” Chinn said. “And that helps for the children.”

Over the years, Chinn has collected pop tabs from a variety of places and with the help of a variety of people.

“I find them on the ground, the pastor helps me.”

Pastor Dennis Mose of New Resurrection Missionary Baptist Church has been actively supporting Chinn for some time.

“At first, we was trying to get to that million mark and we made it,” Pastor Mose told FOX21. “Now, we’re trying to get to two million. Charles told me today, we are at 1,746,000,” Pastor Mose said.

Pastor Mose brings over a duffle bag full of tabs for Chinn to count and donate. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

“Since he wanted to do this here to help somebody else who’s going through this, I want to be in the fight with him,” Pastor Mose explained.

Together, Chinn and the church are trying to find ways to get more people involved in order to reach their goal of donating 2,00,000 pop tabs.

“By 2022, January the first, we can say we got two million. That would be a blessing.”

Pastor mose

But even if they do reach that goal, that won’t mark the end of Chinn’s effort. Instead, it will be a stepping stone.

“I’m not going to stop collecting. Now that I’m helping more, I want it to be at least a million for each year,” Chinn said.

If you have pop tabs you would like to donate to Chinn, you can take them to the Satellite hotel or set them at the doorstep of the New Resurrection Missionary Baptist Church.

For more information about the Ronald McDonald House, visit its website here.