Colorado Springs leaders push for funds for evicted seniors


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — More than 30 elderly people were sent packing after a new management company bought the Emerald Towers building.

It was a home for those over 55 years old, and some have been there for more than three decades.

New owners have taken over the property and are giving everyone 60 days to get out.

Colorado Springs City Council President Richard Skorman and local nonprofit organization Coalition for Compassion and Action are hoping to help.

“They are very vulnerable,” Skorman said. “This was shock.”

The Coalition for Compassion and Action usually works with the homeless.

“What they are doing is completely legal,” board chair Dawn Halliburton-Rudy said. “We are working with the current management to make sure folks leave in a safe situation. We decided to engage in this particular endeavor because these are folks who, if no one steps in and offers some formal support, they are going to end up being one of our constituents.”

After a meeting last week with City Council, they started a fundraising page to help with deposits and fees for new apartments. They estimated it’s going to take $1,000 for each resident, so they set a goal of $36,000.

“We need to come together as a community,” Halliburton-Rudy said. “Right now we’ve raised $1,000. Clearly we are far away from our goal.”

Halliburton-Rudy also shared a message with her children during this time of giving.

“I told them, if you are willing to give up one of your Christmas gifts, that’s enough to help this cause. I hope every parent is giving their child that message,” Halliburton-Rudy said.

“There are a lot of good charities to give to,” Skorman said. “I am not saying you shouldn’t do that. If you give a little bit to us, it can really make a big difference in their lives.”

These seniors have until January before they must leave the property.

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