Colorado Springs jump rope team: yes, there’s a team


COLORADO SPRINGS — Jump rope: a hobby from your childhood or a competitive sport?

“I love that it’s something different,” said Sierra Sargent, a member of One Jump Ahead. “Like, you don’t necessarily hear about people jumping every day.”

And members of One Jump Ahead, the performance demonstration team, have the moves.

“An EK switch cross,” said 15-year-old member Connor Parker.

“Frog and where you do a handstand and you pick up the rope while you’re doing it,” said 13-year-old member Annelise Salve.

“I really like manipulation skills,” Sargent said. “Skills where you are like, crossing over your body and doing things like, ‘how did you even do that?'”

“Jump rope’s one of those sports where skills are still being created, which is part of the beauty of it and why I still like it, and why I’ve been involved in it for so many years,” said Lindsey Sneij, head coach of One Jump Ahead.

Sneij said jump rope is a sport that you can perform, compete in, and teach with.

“God’s given us some amazing abilities and opportunities to be able to do certain things,” Sneij said. “So, it’s taking advantage of those and it’s praising Him with those, rather than having tangible things like medals and trophies designate your attitude and who you are, and your worth.”

So what does it take to jump?

“Determination,” Salve said.

“Passion,” Sneij said.

“Practice! Lots and lots of practice,” Sargent said.

“Because anyone can jump,” Parker said.

So whether you skip into double dutch, hop into a Chinese wheel, or even tap into a single rope swing, there’s no doubt this nonprofit will have you, “one jump ahead.”

“This community is amazing, like the people are just so friendly and loving, and I always just felt accepted here,” Sargent said.

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