Last month, a family of seven got a brand new house thanks to Habitat for Humanity. 

The two parents, now homeowners, put 200 volunteer hours into building their own home.

The dad, Sanford Williams, said his five kids were in an overcrowded situation, and now they have a lot more room to enjoy. 

“It’s magic, because they’ve got their fingerprints on their own home,” Iain Probert with Habitat for Humanity said. “They know what the insides of the walls look like. They know what the frame looks like. They know what the plot of land looked like.” 

“My kids, they go to a stable school, they will have a stable neighborhood here,” Williams said. “I love the lot that we have, as far as the court size, so that way I know that the kids are safe if they’re out here playing in the front yard. We have a huge backyard so the kids are able to run around and have fun, and make life enjoyable for them.” 

Ninety percent of every Habitat home is built by volunteers. Sanford said he plans to continue to volunteer and build other houses.