Colorado Springs couple honored for going above and beyond as foster parents


Inside Morgan Norling and Whitney Wehrkamp’s Colorado Springs home, having a blast is always a must.

Silence may be rare, but the couple doesn’t mind as long as the children living inside have a shot at building a better life. 

“We have looked at expanding our family and as a same-sex couple that’s not quite as easy, so we figured we’d go through the foster care route,” said Norling. 

For the past three years, the couple has cared for at least fifteen different children through the state foster care system.  At one point, they even cared for seven children all under the age of five at the same time. 

“We have all these kids who need a place to stay even if it’s for a short time and they deserve that love,” said Wehrkamp. 

The family says they’re always on the go and are currently caring for six children.

 “There are therapy appointments, there’s school, doctors appointments, all of that,” said Wehrkamp.  

However, they say they rely on each other to make sure the job gets done and the fun never blows out.  

 “You need to be strong in your personal life to take on what’s going on in other kiddos lives,” said Norling.

The couple was honored at the Governor’s Mansion this weekend for their dedication to Colorado kids in foster care. 

On average, 12 children or teens enter foster care every day in Colorado, so to them, it’s making the most out of their time with the children before it’s time to say goodbye.

“We want them to go home as long as they are going to a safe environment but we get attached, we’ve been primary parents for 9-12 months and it’s hard sending them back,” said Wehrkam. 

Down the road, the couple hopes to continue being foster parents and eventually adopt. 

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