(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Springs Councilmember Stephannie Fortune revealed on Wednesday, Nov. 2 that she has been diagnosed with leukemia, after first breaking the news of a health condition in early October.

“Cancer is never an easy word to reconcile with and this time is no exception,” said Fortune. “[My husband] and I learned in recent months that I have leukemia, and the cure is treatment and a bone marrow transplant, a very intensive process. The outpouring of support has been incredible, and truly is what sustains us along with our strong faith.”

Fortune represents District 3, which encompasses the southwest side of the city. According to City Council, Fortune intends to complete her term on the Council but is not planning to seek re-election as she focuses on her health. She expressed gratitude toward the city and everything it has offered in her tenure.

“I came to City Council full of excitement, with a drive to serve, and my love for the city and its people as my foundation,” Fortune said. “I discovered a rich environment to work with the constituents of District 3 and to have a strong voice together, influencing outcomes. It will be an experience I will always treasure.”

City Council said Fortune is in constant consultation with her husband, Kent, Council Leadership, City Administration, and her doctors to ensure her ability to fulfill her term and honor her commitment to the people she represents. If at any time, she feels she is unable to do so, she will have that discussion and determine next steps.

“Councilmember Fortune is a dedicated public servant who serves our community with grace, dignity and enthusiasm for Colorado Springs and the people who call it home,” said Mayor John Suthers. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Stephannie and her family as she continues to work through this challenging time. We are grateful for her determination to continue and appreciate her transparency and commitment to keeping us and the community apprised of her condition.”