Colorado Springs coffee shops make changes for rising coffee prices


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The price of your cup of joe may be going up at the supermarket and even at your favorite coffee shop since many businesses globally are dealing with an impacted coffee supply chain– even in Colorado Springs. 

Coffee shops like The Perk Coffee in downtown Colorado Springs said they have had to increase prices because of the spike in coffee prices.

“Our roaster is going to be raising the prices here soon. We did have a few very significant price increases but on top of that we’ve even seen our distributor saying hey we are going to start raising our prices by about 5 to 7 percent,” Evan Musick, The Perk Coffee manager said.

Musick said many of their menu items have increased 15 to even 30% just in the past year.

“I don’t think we have done a large of a price increase but also I haven’t seen the conversation revolve around the supply chain logistics issue as much as we have seen in just the past year alone,” Musick said.

Many say the supply chain is to blame. With a poor coffee harvest in other countries, issues with a lack of workers, and increased demand for coffee. Causing shops like The Perk to go elsewhere to buy supplies.

“We try different distributors and if that doesn’t work, you know Amazon, sometimes they’ll have it, but it will usually be at a much higher price,” Musick said.

He said it’s not just the coffee that is hard to get but straws, cups and food too.

Even if you are brewing at home, it is still going to be expensive as the International Coffee Organization, who said the price of one coffee bag has increased five and a half percent higher than what it was a year ago.

“People understand. They see the news and they see things are going up. Prices, cost of goods, especially for our regulars seeing that we stayed open through COVID and that was a difficult time, they still support us. They still support what we stand for they still support us as people,” Musick said.

The price of goods isn’t just rising to match supply issues. It’s rising to keep employees too. As Musick said in the past year, they have given their staff 15 to 20% raises.

“I think it’s helped us retain a lot of our staff. We’d like to pay everyone here even more. We’ll get there eventually but overall everybody is very happy they have been getting paid a little more,” Musick said.

For more information on The Perk Coffee, visit their website.

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