COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — More flights were delayed at the Colorado Springs Airport Tuesday as the airport continues to struggle with fuel supply.

COS airport representatives told FOX21 out of their 40 daily departures, five flights were delayed Tuesday and four flights were delayed Monday due to fuel issues.

Representatives say the problem falls on their gas supplier, Valero, and its lack of drivers nationwide to deliver the airport gas.

The supply shortage is causing many passengers to miss their connecting flights because of airlines having to divert flights elsewhere.

“The Colorado Springs Airport has been informed of an issue regarding a supply shortage of jet fuel with fuel provider, Valero,” the airport said in a statement. “A contingency plan has been put in place involving tankers delivering fuel directly to the service supplier, however, a nationwide shortage of drivers may affect fuel delivery. Airlines are operating as scheduled and passengers are advised to contact their airline with any questions. At this time, all media inquiries should be made to Valero.”

Representatives say dozens of airports across the country are experiencing the same issue and delays may continue.

Passenger Rich Normandie said he was told about the issue directly from his airline, and many passengers experienced the same delay.

“A lot of the airlines there were having issues with fuel,” Normandie said. “They said they were all going to have to stop somewhere. They told us that any flight that was leaving that was going anywhere other than Denver was going to have to stop in either Denver or Pueblo and that was pretty much going on throughout the airport.”

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