Colorado Springs adaptive hockey team’s gear found -but with a catch


COLORADO SPRINGS — A local hockey team found their stolen trailer that was filled with adaptive hockey equipment Wednesday, however the sleds are stripped of their metal.

“I was pretty devastated for our athletes because they did not deserve this, they desired better than this,” Doris Donley, the coordinator for the adaptive hockey team said.

The Adaptive Hockey Coordinator of Colorado Springs Amateur Hockey Association Doris Donley told FOX21 that someone who saw the missing trailer discovered it at a storage facility and reached out.

“The police said they had ran a vin number and it appeared they had out trailer so, I came. They walked us down to the storage unit and sadly the gear is a mess,” Donley said.

The Tiger Hockey Team have at least 30 players outfitted with sleds each costing approximately $700. The sleds are a seat that rests on top of two hockey skate blades with the players using two hockey sticks with metal picks to get around the ice.

“I’m sorry they felt like they needed to do this if they wanted to play, we could have gotten them a sled,” Donley said.

Donley said when the trailer was stolen it was parked in a lot at the southeast corner of Pikes Peak and Union which is right next to Memorial Park during the Labor Day Liftoff.

The athletes need the sleds and gear by this Saturday with their season officially starting October 5th. They hope to get insurance from what is left of the sleds to buy new ones but thank the community for the outreaching support in searching for the trailer.

They are hosting a hockey gear donation drive on September 14th at the CSAHA Skill Development Center at 2844 Janitell Road, Unit C. They have also started a GoFundMe to help get the money back for the gear.

You can also visit their Facebook page.

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