COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado Springs dispatcher helped a woman give birth during a 911 call over the Fourth of July.

According to the 9-1-1 call, the husband of a 29-year-old pregnant woman dialed 911 on Monday, July 4, saying she was having contractions within seconds of each other and was about to give birth to their sixth child.

The 911 dispatcher then started giving step-by-step instructions to the husband over the phone as the mother was trying to push the child out.

“I want you to get some dry towels and a blanket to wrap the baby in and get a string to tie around the umbilical cord after delivery and get a safety pin,” the 911 Dispatcher said. “Also, if you can apply firm, but gentle pressure to keep the baby’s head from delivering too fast and tearing her. As the baby delivers, support the baby’s head and shoulders and hold its head, like, firmly ok. Remember, the baby will be slippery so don’t drop it. Is the baby crying or breathing? Yes, the baby is crying and breathing, Ok, I’m going to go ahead and let you go now. Congratulations! Thank you.”

In the 911 audio, the husband said the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck at one point, but thanks to the clear instructions from the 911 dispatcher, the baby was ok.

FOX21 was also told by the Colorado Springs 911 Dispatch Manager that this 911 dispatcher had just finished several weeks of training when the call came in.