SECURITY-WIDEFIELD, Colo. — A Colorado Springs family is mourning the loss of 6-year-old Simon Currat, after he suffered a rattlesnake bite while out on a trail.

It happened on July 5 in the Blue Stem Prairie Open Space, which is located just south of the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.

According to a GiveSendGo, set up in support of the family, Currat was with his father and younger sister when he encountered the rattlesnake.

“We received a call for a possible allergic reaction,” said Derek Chambers, battalion chief for the Security Fire Department.

Chambers said a short time later they learned the victim was 6 years old and had received a rattlesnake bite.

“We responded immediately,” he said. “The patient and his father were out riding bikes in the Blue Stem Open Space. They were on a trail.”

Chambers said the boy got off his bike to look at a mile marker sign.

“When he got off of his bike, that’s when he encountered the snake and yelled, ‘rattlesnake.'”

Chambers said the boy’s dad ran to him, grabbed him, and went for help.

According to GiveSendGo, campaign Currat’s father did not have a phone with him and ran to the nearest intersection for help.

The El Paso County Coroner’s Office confirmed Currat was eventually moved to Children’s Hospital in Adams County after the incident.

He died there four days later.

According to GiveSendGo, doctors told Currat’s parents that the swelling in his brain was severe and life-threatening. On July 9 it was found there was no life left in his brain and the decision was made to remove him from life support. On July 10 Currat remained only on a breathing tube and the tube was removed shortly after family and friends said final goodbyes.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, rattlesnakes are not aggressive but will defend themselves if threatened or provoked. That can sometimes happen accidentally if, for example, a hiker doesn’t see a snake and steps on it.

The campaign on GiveSendGo sends funds and prayers to the Currat family.