It’ll cost you a little more to hunt, fish, or enjoy a state park in Colorado next year. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced Friday that fees for hunting licenses, fishing licenses, state park passes, campsites, and picnic areas will increase in 2019. The increases take effect January 1.

  • Daily state parks passes will increase by $1, which will make them $8 at most parks. 
  • Annual parks passes will increase from $70 to $80.
  • Aspen Leaf annual passes, which are available for people age 64 and up, will increase from $60 to $70. 

CPW is working to establish a pilot program for a new hangtag pass that doesn’t have to be stuck to a windshield. The pass will cost $120 and will be issued to a person, not a car. Only one car at a time can use the pass, and the pass owner must be in the car. 

Fees for campsites, picnic areas, fishing licenses, small game hunting licenses, and big game hunting licenses will also increase. 

>> Visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website for more information about those changes