Colorado lawmakers react to State of the Union

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - President Donald Trump called for unity and bipartisan solutions during his State of the Union Tuesday night. The response from Colorado lawmakers ranged the political spectrum.

Congressman Doug Lamborn spoke with FOX21 News after the speech. The Republican from the state's fifth congressional district defended the President's call to end investigations against his campaign.

"Obviously, he thinks that there are too many investigations that will tie everything up and we won't make forward progress on legislation," Lamborn said. "I think he's got a point there. I haven't seen any results that showed any wrongdoing by the President."

Lamborn said he thinks there will be enough right-leaning Democrats to pass funding for a border barrier of some kind. He said he does not expect the President to declare a state of emergency if the funding does not make it through Congress. Lamborn said if he were going to do that, it would have happened Tuesday night.

When asked about the President's willingness to accept historic levels of legal immigrants, he said it's the right message.

"Well, I think he did a good job talking about there are people who want to come here legally and contribute and work hard versus people that are not going to contribute," Lamborn said. "The gang members, the drug traffickers, the sex traffickers, those are the people we want to be able to keep out."

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet released the following statement following the speech:

“It will take more than a speech to paper over President Trump’s consistent view that the only obligation he has is to his political base.  We heard nothing in tonight’s speech that addressed how the President will help raise incomes for middle-class Americans, make quality higher education more affordable, or address the urgent problem of climate change. The state I represent is a third Republican, a third Democratic, and a third Independent. Colorado knows what hard, bipartisan work really looks like. We’ll be looking in the days, months, and years ahead to see if any of it can be produced in Washington.”

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner agreed with the President's message of unity:

“I applaud the President’s call for compromise and cooperation tonight. It is time to leave partisan corners and work together on behalf of the American people to move our country forward. I stand ready to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to fix our broken immigration system, fund border security, invest in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure to reduce traffic in Colorado, and bolster our national security.

“I was pleased the President also highlighted the recent economic growth our economy has experienced following passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but there is more we can do. While communities along the Front Range have experienced economic growth over the past few years, many rural communities still feel left behind. We need to further our commitment to economic development across all four corners of our great state.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis disagreed with the call for a wall in his statement on Twitter:

"While D.C. Politicians push for xenophobia, nationalism, and walls, Colorado will continue to push boldly forward— tearing town barriers to success and building a Colorado for all."

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