Colorado band brings live music curbside while practicing social distancing


COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado band is adjusting to our new reality by bringing live music to people staying at home.

The group called, “Tejon Street Corner Thieves,” have been playing music together for seven years, but their music was put on hold following the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We missed an entire tour, we were supposed to go to San Antonio for a festival, we had a three-week tour afterward,” Vocalist Connor O’Neal said. “Every weekend that passes we are dropping shows.”

It’s been a bumpy road for many, but the Tejon Street Corner Thieves are turning their music on, while the world is off.

“We figured we have everything we need to make it mobile and keep it safe with our bus and PA system,” O’Neal said. “It made sense and to us it’s more personal to go see our fans even if it’s through a metal wall.”

The bus is decked out with everything they need to make music.

“What we are doing is beneficial to people’s mental health in a situation like this and the excitement and prospect to have something to look forward to and it goes both ways,” O’Neal said.

The fast-paced trashgrass and outlaw blues band is following social distancing guidelines while playing music by staying inside their bus. They are also asking people to listen from their porch.

“We will text fans fifteen minutes before we show up so people don’t create a gathering,” O’Neal said.

People can request the band to come to their neighborhood by emailing They can also tip the band through their Paypal account.

“People have tried to give us beer and tip us, and we don’t want that,” O’Neal said. “Just keep your distance and enjoy the show.”

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