Thousands of people are gathering together this weekend to support those with Down syndrome.

This is the 19th year the Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association has hosted its fundraiser walk.

For families with children diagnosed with Down syndrome, walking in their shoes, really won’t take you on a different path, rather give you a new look on life.

“We often say the day Nick was born our world turned upside down and what it really did, was turn it the right side up,” said Julie Harmon, whose son attends UCCS.

When Julie’s son Nick was born, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome, but that hasn’t limited him from living life to the fullest.

“I do like dances, I go to basketball games a lot and I’m a football fan, I like the Broncos,” said Nick Harmon, who attends UCCS.

According to Nick’s mom, she’s learned to embrace all those moments of Nick growing up; a lesson that’s carried over to the Barone family.

“Every parent of a child has ups and downs, has challenges they go through, but we’ve been blessed in a lot of ways,” said Markus Barone, whose daughter attends UCCS.

Markus’ daughter Mia was also diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was born, but that hasn’t stopped her from attending college.

“You have to be proud and definitely be confident,” said Mia Barone, who attends UCCS.

Both Mia and Nick go to school through an inclusive program offered at UCCS, which was just implemented at the university three years ago.

“Life is going to be okay, I think we are sending that message to the general public on campus and also really, impacting the people who have disabilities on campus as well,” said Julie.

Mia and Nick and their families will be attending this weekend’s fundraiser walk, formally known as the ‘Buddy Walk.’

FOX21 News is also a proud sponsor and our very own Craig Coffey will be emceeing the event.