CMoore of Colorado highlights a little-known hidden gem or a place we see or hear of all the time that has a historical significance you didn’t know about.  

This time is an adventure through Castlewood Canyon State Park 12 miles southeast of Castle Rock.  

I started at the Homestead trailhead. The first thing you see is the remains of the Lucas Homestead. The original Lucas Homestead site totaled 160 acres.

Patrick and Margaret Lucas were among the area’s first homesteaders in 1894. By 1910, they had eight children. Later, the home was destroyed by fire. What’s left still stands at the park today.  

About two miles along the trail you’ll come across the Castlewood Canyon Dam ruins.

The dam was built in 1890 across Cherry Creek. It was around 600 feet long, with a height of 70 feet measured from the reservoir floor. 

The dam had issues from the beginning and leaked from the beginning, according to the Association of State Dam Safety

At approximately 1:20 a.m. on August 3, 1933, Castlewood Canyon dam broke and sent about 1.7 billion gallons of water rushing down the creek toward Denver. 

Two people were killed by the flood.  

Hit the Trail!

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