(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The one-year anniversary of the Club Q shooting is this month on Nov. 19, and Bread & Roses Legal Center and Community Health Partnership (CHP) are partnering to provide private and public remembrance gatherings.

On Nov. 19 there will be a memorial cleanup and beautification at 2 p.m. at Club Q. CHP says this will be a remembrance and cleanup of the memorial.

Nov. 20 will be Transgender Day of Remembrance and there will be a gathering at 12 p.m. at Acacia Park. Speakers will include State Poet Laureate Andrea Givson, Z Williams, Stoney Roberts, and Potted Plant/Wyatt Kent.

CHP says both organizations are working to ensure these events are holistic and community-led by listening to the needs of the people most impacted by the tragedy.

“Since the first days after the attack, we have seen survivors and victims’ families clearly express their needs. Our job has been to listen, honor those needs, and amplify voices,” said Z Williams, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Bread & Roses.

Bread & Roses said people can help survivors through its Queers for Q Mutual Aid website, or to help support the remembrance, CHP says you can donate through the Club Q Remembrance page.

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