(PUEBLO, Colo.) — The City of Pueblo and the Pueblo Fire Department (PFD) are warning Puebloans of a scam that is imitating the fire department and asking for money.

The City of Pueblo said they have recently been made aware of an ongoing scam in which a fake solicitation asks citizens to join a PFD support group for a one-time registration fee. The City said this is not a legitimate request and should be recognized as a scam.

“Pueblo Fire Department will never ask citizens for a registration fee or payment of any kind,” said Pueblo Fire Department Chief Barb Huber. “Our services are paid for by the taxpayers and if we ever do some kind of fundraising effort, it will be communicated explicitly our intentions to generate revenue. Sometimes you may see firefighters ask for a donation like when we do something such as ‘Fill the Boot’.”

The City and PFD are urging Puebloans to be aware of potential scam callers stating or asking people to join a PFD support group. Do not share any personal information, form of payment, or any other compromising data. The City said there is no such group sanctioned by PFD.

“We are not outreaching to the community for a support group at this time and encourage the public to ignore, decline or report these calls,” said Chief Huber.

For any questions or concerns related to PFD protocol or public outreach, contact 719-553-2830 for clarification or further information.