City Council approves ban on creekside camping

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Passed in a vote of 6-2 by Colorado Springs City Council, a new ordinance in Colorado Springs bans camping within 100 feet of waterways in the city. 

The ordinance goes into effect on July 23, so people experiencing homelessness who are camping in those areas have about two weeks to find somewhere else to go.

At the meeting on Tuesday, officials referenced high levels of E. Coli in the water as one reason for the ban but didn't present any proof.

At a community meeting on Wednesday at the Mining Exchange, we asked some homeless outreach community leaders what their thoughts were.

"We all have a responsibility to come together to see lives restored in Colorado Springs," said Travis Williams, with Springs Rescue Mission.

"I'm just on board for people who are trying to move the issue forward," said Patrice Ravenscroft, with Reach Pikes Peak.

Both Williams and Ravenscroft hope the city approaches the issue of homelessness with morality and love. 

"I'm gonna support them, I just hope that they bring dignity to the conversation as well," Ravenscroft said.

"We have to continue to work together to provide the right kind of solutions to see lives restored," Williams said.

Violators of this ordinance will first get a warning, they could receive a $2,500 fine and 189 days in jail if they are repeat offenders.

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