Circle Drive bridges expected to be replaced within the next four years


The City of Colorado Springs is working to replace two major bridges on Circle Drive over Hancock Expressway and Las Vegas Street. 

“Right now there is no sidewalk on it,” said Ryan Phipps, the senior engineer for the City of Colorado Springs. “There is like a two-foot walkway to walk on. We have two 11-foot lanes, but it’s not functioning properly,”

Even though signs are posted asking pedestrians to not use the bridge to cross, people still do. Several of those people are students at Harrison High School, right down the road. 

“I hope they will be safer for not only me who uses the bridges every morning but for my peers who walk to school on those bridges,” said Alondra Dunarte Garcia, a sophomore at Harrison. 

The bridges were built back in the 1950s and were built to last for about 50 years. They are planning on completely replacing the bridges. They estimate they will cost between $20 million and $25 million. 

Some of the Harrison students have helped in the planning process for the new bridges. 

“The students have gone out and done some surveying ahead of time,” Phipps said. 

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