(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The baby giraffe born on Oct. 19 at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZoo) is healthy and thriving, said a CMZoo representative on Sunday, Oct. 23.

Since her birth, there has been no need for intervention from her care team. She can be viewed by guests either in the barn or while exploring outside.

“Giraffe calves can be fragile,” said Rachel Wright, Public Relations and Social Media Manager for CMZoo, “We’re happy to report she seems to be a very strong long-legged little.”

CMZoo says they don’t have a naming plan in place yet but will share it on social media channels if there’s an opportunity for public input.

The calf can be viewed via 24 hour live stream while inside her birth stall on either Youtube or CMZoo’s website.

Since she was born Wednesday, the giraffe calf has met with other herd members and continues to follow her mother closely, showing interest in what zoo keepers are doing outside her enclosure. Zoo keepers say she enjoys standing underneath tree branches and nosing them.