Charity lemonade stand raises $8,000 in Colorado Springs


A charity lemonade stand set up by three boys brought in big bucks for Compassion International.

Memorial Day weekend in Denver, the boys’ lemonade stand was shut down for not having a vendor permit. At the time, the boys’ stand was set up at the Denver Arts Festival, next to another lemonade vendor.

Thursday was a different story, as the little boys were invited to the headquarters of Compassion International, where they again set up their lemonade stand.

“I am so proud of my little boys,” their mother, Jennifer Knowles, said. “This is a big deal for anybody, let alone a 2-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old.” 

While the cost of the lemonade stayed low, people didn’t shy away from larger donations. In total, $8,200 was collected for Compassion International.

“Our organization is a child advocacy or a child-development organization,” Tim Glenn with Compassion International said. “We partner sponsors with children living in extreme poverty around the world and provide a holistic child development program to those kids.”

In response to the Memorial Day weekend incident, Denver police wrote on their Facebook page,  

Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit is something that we can all get behind, especially when its for a good cause! Unfortunately, this past weekend, officers received several complaints from permitted vendors about a stand which lacked a permit, but was set up at the same event. The adult responsible for the stand was contacted and complied with the request to close.

We don’t go out of our way to enforce matters of this nature and in this instance, our actions were complaint driven. When officers receive a complaint, we have an obligation to act.

FOX21 reached out to Denver Police Thursday, but they declined to comment any further.

In the meantime, the boys’ mother is working hard to convince the city of Denver to waive permits in the future for kids’ lemonade stands, when another stand isn’t nearby.

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